Wusthof Classic Santoku – Japanese Know-How In The Kitchen

We use knives for food-prep more than any other purpose. For that reason I decided to review my favorite kitchen knife – a Wusthof Classic Santoku. The Japanese-styled blade has a few advantages over the traditional French-styled chef’s knife. The shorter, thinner blade is lighter and more nimble, offering tremendous control for slicing and chopping. The flatter edge shape makes cleaner cuts through fish and meats because you’re not applying pressure towards the tip – which rips more than it …


  1. I wouldnt get it for being afraid to damage it, the stupid cleaning lady dropped my santokou and the tip bent

  2. you may not be a chef or an expert but you obviously work for cutco like my best friend did for a while … cutco sucks ass. there’s a reason wusthof dreizack is the most famous and respected knife manufacturer in the western world..

  3. mmm….I’m not a chef, nor an expert….But i do know about knives, and CUTCO Santoku knives are the best. You should try them.

  4. I have the same excact knife… I love it….I am a cook, and I find that this is too my favorite knife

  5. santoku knives are great, but wait until you see the high end presentation knives from japan.literally too wonderful for the kitchen(?) thought I would upgrade mine and I purchaced a shun kaji 7″ santoku. after a month of having it I still haven’t used it, just too nice looking to submit to kitchen duty.

  6. I actually want the Henckels santoku for my own collection and use. Which model do you have?

  7. I got a henckels santoku and I was really impressed with its weight and control. Someday I’ll have to upgrade to this or a Shun perhaps. Nice vid!

  8. Out of the wood-processing outback, and into the kitchen…. excellent review of an overlooked category of knives!

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