My Best Kitchen Knives

Welcome to my blog about Kitchen Knives. Here you can find information and rate your favorite Kichen Knives! … buy kitchen knives best global cutlery set wusthof review quality cheap discount holder

What are the best Kitchen Knives?

Sure the big names are Wusthof and henckels, but I was wondering what peoples favorite knives are. Sharpness, remaining a strong edge, ect.

Wusthof Classic Santoku – Japanese Know-How In The Kitchen

We use knives for food-prep more than any other purpose. For that reason I decided to review my favorite kitchen knife – a Wusthof Classic Santoku. The Japanese-styled blade has a few advantages over the traditional French-styled chef’s knife. The shorter, thinner blade is lighter and more nimble, offering tremendous control for slicing and chopping….

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Knife

Kitchen and cooking knives come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small garnishing knives to heavy cleavers and choppers. The only problem is they all have different purposes and work better with certain foods, so it is important to choose the perfect kitchen knife to suit all of your cooking needs….

FoodGear: How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Every kitchen should have a quality set of knives. On this episode of FoodGear, you’ll learn what to look for when selecting cutlery that will last. … cutlery henckels knives wusthof