1. Ginsu!! They are definitely the best I’ve ever used. I’ll give you a link to the website.

  2. I like Cutco for serrated knives but my favorite knife is my Henckels . Just got it for my birthday about a year ago and I use it every single day.

  3. Santoku Knives These are my favorie knives that is used when i was in culinary school.

  4. My favorite knives thus far are the Forschner Victorinox Fibrox for a few reasons. I think it is one of the best knives in terms of comfort due to balance, weight and handle design. The Fibrox handles are hygienic and slip-resistant. Other than a dull blade, nothing irritates me more than a slippery handle. And speaking of sharpness, the blade is very sharp and stays sharp.

    A review on America’s Test Kitchen spurred my interest, because they use these knives heavily on a daily basis. After testing several knives, they felt that these were the best value for their money. They dubbed them “Old Faithful”. They seemed to feel the were designed by chefs for chefs. Many of the chefs at my hotel seem to enjoy them for their comfort and balance, and these are people who use their knives day in and day out.

    Another knife of note is the Henckels Five Star. I own their chef’s knife and I like it, but I still prefer the Fibrox for extended use. Many of my colleagues use these and like them very much. These knives were developed with feedback from professional chefs, and they have black polypropylene ergonomic handles which prevent tiring, even after long usage. They are a great knives and hold an edge very well.

    Also of note is the Wüsthof Emeril with slip resistant handles. One of my colleagues likes these for their balance, handle, and quality blade. All the Wüsthofs will have a great blade no doubt, but I think this one, with slip-resistant coating, is their best handling one. I can’t talk about this feature enough. The Grand Prix II is heavy, and the handles become slippery with use. The Culinar looks beautiful, but the handle is slick as ice.

    Some of my colleagues find the Cutco a bit dull with constant usage, and not worth the money.

  5. Henckels are fantastic knives, expensive but not ridiculous and they’re easy to find. I have a Cutco carving and chef knife but I always end up using the Henckels. I’m quite happy with my Wusthof steak knives too. I think if you go for any of the better types you’ll be happy.

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