High-End House Wares

your typical “department store” house ware load! These house ware loads are from an upscale NY based retailer. Brand names may include but not limited to: All-Clad, Anolon, Calphalon, Circulon, Cuisinart, Henckels, Kitchenaid, Le Cueuset, Wusthof, Laroma, Fagor, Martha Stewart, Haier, Eurocork, Bella Cucina and more. These loads will have a much higher average retail… Continue reading High-End House Wares

Heimerdinger Cutlery – Mail In Knife Sharpening

www.heimerdingercutlery.com In this video, we demonstrate just how simple it is to use our mail-in knife sharpening service. We send you everything you need box, packing materials, and FedEx Ground packing slip to send your knives to our store. … “Mail in knife sharpening” sharpen honing grinding wusthof global shun victorinox forschner “dexter russell” boker

Wusthof Classic Santoku – Japanese Know-How In The Kitchen

We use knives for food-prep more than any other purpose. For that reason I decided to review my favorite kitchen knife – a Wusthof Classic Santoku. The Japanese-styled blade has a few advantages over the traditional French-styled chef’s knife. The shorter, thinner blade is lighter and more nimble, offering tremendous control for slicing and chopping.… Continue reading Wusthof Classic Santoku – Japanese Know-How In The Kitchen

Heimerdinger Cutlery – Knife Sharpening

www.heimerdingercutlery.com Here is a brief demonstration of our 3 step sharpening process. Coming soon mail-in knife sharpening! … wusthof global henckel “kitchen knife” “kitchen knives” cutlery sharpening sharpen

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Brandee’s new kitchen knives

I demonstrate a few new kitchen knives, steels and even make toilet paper from a paper towel spool. … cutlery kitchen knives chef spyderco wusthof hienkles furi sabitier heinkles mundial paring cook’s french sharpening