!need help choosing a new set of chef knives?


I want a very sharp hard wearing set
I am a junior chef and i want to upgrade my knives to top of the range and my boss advised me a set of Global knives and they look very good but i was advised by another chef to by a set of wusthof knives but i don’t no what would be the best.
And i was hoping someone with experience would be able to help me!


  1. both brands are very good knives but it’s up to you to determine which you like better, they both feel differently in the hand, Go to the store and hold both types and see which is more comfortable in your grip. Global is also slightly less expensive but just as good as wusthofs.

  2. Well as a former chef, I would recommend to you Darryl is to look at both and Henckels, it has to be the right set for you, the other chefs you talked to have made there decision on how they work with them and the feel they have for there knives.

    I would recommend going to a knife supply store, check out both and the others you see, get the feel for them see how you like the grip, weight and overall feel for those particular knives. I have 40 various knives, from a number of different company’s, I bought mine for the reasons I gave.

    Just make sure there the right ones for you as they will be your life long tools, make an educated decision and a valued purchase.

  3. I agree with the above . You are talking about a price range where they are equally good.. the question is in the balance between your hand and the knive. Ech Knive has a different weight, not even distributed. The best thing is try them in the shop, play with them, make your chopping motion, slice in air and so on. I personally am pretty unhappy with a Global knive I bought ( I dont believe in sets but mix and match), I am happy with Wuesthoff and I am very happy with Burgvogel and WMF

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