!need help choosing a new set of chef knives?


I want a very sharp hard wearing set
I am a junior chef and i want to upgrade my knives to top of the range and my boss advised me a set of Global knives and they look very good but i was advised by another chef to by a set of wusthof knives but i don’t no what would be the best.
And i was hoping someone with experience would be able to help me!


  1. Wusthof. I have never made a better purchase in my life. I started by purchasing a top-of-the-line chef’s knife, since I can do just about anything with it, then slowly started adding other items. Look at their line and decide what’s right for you. I buy the classics line, since I don’t feel the need for an ergonomic handle. But there are a few options, mostly at the heel and handle of the knife.

    Maybe I’m biased, but I wouldn’t trade my Wusthofs for anything.

  2. Either of those choices would be good. I use wusthof and shun. My best advise is to go to a store and check them out. You may want to mix and match a little.

  3. I don’t like either of them. Global have a tapered handle and Wustoff is made from stainless steel that is harder to maintain an edge. I find Japanese knives are made from the best metal. Wustoff would be good for the long knife for cutting into prime ribs but not for a chef knife. If you can use knives with wooden handles I would save up and get a
    Glestain 240mm (10″)Chef gyuto knife:

    Also spend some time to learn how to sharpen a knife properly. I use a 2000 grit stone to tone up my knife. You put the stone on a towel for some cushioning and bring the blade across it at a 45 degree angle to the stone when looking from above and about a 15 degree angle for how the blade is sharpened. I often use the underside of a rarebit dish(often called a “boat”) which has an unfinished ceramic surface on it. Also for Gods sake never give your knife to a sharpening service! There are plenty of videos out there on youtube how to properly sharpen a knife. With some skill you can make a $30 knife out-preform a $150 knife. I sharpened my cheap $30 work knife today and it slices through paper without the blade catching.

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