Electric Knife Sharpeners

Have you ever tried sawing a piece of lumber with a dull saw? It’s the same idea with a kitchen knife. You need to make sure that your knives are up to par, or cooking becomes a task and not something that is enjoyable. Most cookbooks suggest purchasing steel to keep your knife sharp, but… Continue reading Electric Knife Sharpeners

Cutting Board – Wood or Synthetic

This is the big question whether you should use a wood or synthetic cutting board. It really isn’t just a question of feeling, rather it’s a question of safety. Some people purchase wood boards because they like the look but remember if you user your cutting board alot it’s not going to look the same… Continue reading Cutting Board – Wood or Synthetic

Cutting Boards – Size Thickness and Shape

With today’s endless supply of cutting boards and the different types of materials used it can get confusing trying to choose the perfect cutting board. Here are some of the key essentials to look for when choosing that cutting board. Size Some people say that a cutting board size should depend on the size of… Continue reading Cutting Boards – Size Thickness and Shape

Best Kitchen Knives

Before you go out and purchase a knife collection or set, you need too know what is required for a well equipped home kitchen. Most well equipped kitchens will have four types of knives. Including: 1. The Chef’s Knife 2.  Slicer Knife 3. Utility Knife 4. Parer Knife The Chef’s Knife These are typically 8… Continue reading Best Kitchen Knives

Knife Materials The Breakdown

As modern technology advances, better knife material has increased and the technology has as well. There are 4 knife materials that can be divided into 4 categories: Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Laminated Ceramic Carbon Steel Carbon steel is a material which is used to make kitchen knives early in the day. It is still extremely… Continue reading Knife Materials The Breakdown

The Importance of the Chef Knife

Why is a Chef Knife the Most Important Knife? The chef knife is where everything starts in the kitchen. You’ve recently got hooked on cooking and have started researching where to start and what the most important tool in the kitchen is. The answer is a great chef knife, sometimes referred to as the French… Continue reading The Importance of the Chef Knife

Eastern Style Knives

The best way to describe the difference between a an eastern style and western style knife is to look at them. The knife to the right is an example of an eastern knife, while Wusthof knives are examples of western knives. Another example of eastern inspired cutlery is the Chinese Cleaver which was developed for… Continue reading Eastern Style Knives

Choosing the Right Kitchen Knife

The Basics of Knives Don’t get to excited and overdo it yet by going out and purchasing a new set of knives. It’s time to take a look at some of the basics of choosing your knives so that you know what you are doing before purchasing one. The first and foremost thing you need… Continue reading Choosing the Right Kitchen Knife