Cutting Board – Wood or Synthetic

This is the big question whether you should use a wood or synthetic cutting board. It really isn’t just a question of feeling, rather it’s a question of safety.

Some people purchase wood boards because they like the look but remember if you user your cutting board alot it’s not going to look the same in a couple of years due to the wear and tear. Eventually the surface is going to have a lot of cut marks. Which is what a cutting board should have anyways!

Some will decide to use synthetic because it offers you a variety of colors shapes and sizes. It also weighs a lot less than a similar sized wooden one. You should also know that plastic ones are indeed tougher on your knives. Not enough to keep you from purchasing them, but its something to keep in mind.

Staining is another negative attribute of synthetic boards. As you cut into them while you are working, you are carving grooves into the plastic that permit blood and juices to get into them and stain. This will happen and you will have a shorter lifespan than with wood ones.


Over the sink – I had one of these back in the day and never used it over the sink. So I wouldn’t really say that I used it how I should have. I suppose that it has a purpose so that you can cut stuff up right next to the garbage disposal. Typically though you will need your sink for other tasks and that it won’t really work to have this style board.

Groovy Cutting Boards – This type features a carved groove around the cutting board which allows for the cutting board to capture juices and blood that may leak out. I’m sure they work well when carving at the table I just don’t like this type for some reason.


With cutting boards, it’s not always what you get what you pay for. I’ve had cheap mats which I’ve purchased for $10 last me forever! You can even find lesser quality wood boards for around $10 but they aren’t going to look that great and probably won’t hold up that well. But for $10 bucks, who cares?!?!

When you start looking at better quality boards, you are going to be looking at $30-$50 and even up to over $100. If you decide that you want the new boards which are made of bamboo, you could be looking at up to $200 for a board. These are more than just cutting boards and are beautiful pieces of wood that will last forever if properly maintained.