Electric Knife Sharpeners

Have you ever tried sawing a piece of lumber with a dull saw? It’s the same idea with a kitchen knife. You need to make sure that your knives are up to par, or cooking becomes a task and not something that is enjoyable.

Most cookbooks suggest purchasing steel to keep your knife sharp, but you need more than that to keep them sharp.

The best, and most expensive, are the electric sharpeners. The ChefsChoice 110 is a great example of an electric sharpener which is a foolproof method of keeping your knives sharp. By allowing the magnetic guides that keep the blade at a precise angle is ingenius and allows the diamond abrasives to hit and sharpen the knife perfectly.

It’s a great machine and keeps knives extremely sharp, so much that you should warn other people that are going to use the knives so that they don’t cut themselves. Keep in mind that you should sharpen them about once a month if not more to keep the knives at optimal sharpness.