1. Cutco? They do not get any cheaper and the price is a total rip-off. Stamped knives versus forged the Wusthof will cut circles around Cutco. In my opinion I like the Shun knives and the Wusthof but I would never buy a Cutco.

  2. Cutco is great if your cooking at home. They won’t stand up to comercial cooking though.

  3. Beware when you buy Wusthof knives. I sent in a Classic for repair/replacement and Wusthof sent me something else, which turned out to be their low-end. Then claimed that I had not sent in a Classif. Yeah, like I didn’t know what knife I owned. Take a picture of your good knife if you are sending to Wustohf for repair/replacement, so you’ll have some proof.

  4. I think it’s pronounced however the guy says his last name. and who are we to complain about how we pronounce a word? for example… I read, I have read, my favorite color is red.

  5. This is the third video I’ve watched on Wusthof knives and each and every video says it as WUS instead of Voos?!?! What gives. Surely this guy knows how to say his own name!?!

  6. They need some GERMAN Lessons. “Voosthof”,Yes that is the correct pronunciation since it is German cutlery.

  7. I’m sure Mr. Wusthof totally appreciates the lesson on how to say his own name.

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