Wusthof Classic Icon Line – Cooking.com Interview

Wusthof introduces its Classic Icon cutlery line. Features include precision bolster for more effective blade sharpening, ergonomic features, longer edge life and more. Interview by Cooking.com at the 2007 Home & Housewares Show, Chicago.


  1. Cutco looks way better and is sharper and has a forever guarantee and cheaper wusthof is crap and is fucking German cutco is all American

  2. in my opinion(i’m not asking for any trouble) is that whustof knives are always good quality. there are some good henckels out there but be ware, henckels also markets super cheap pressed steel serrated blades that tear food instead of a clean cut. if u wanna buy henckels, just make sure u r getting the good stuff. it’s more expensive but worth it

  3. get it from cutco it lasts forever and if it doesn’t they replace it for free and they are 10 times better

  4. Hm, i think i would choose Masahiros over any of the mentioned knives here. They come in a great variety, many models and different kinds of steel.
    You find something for your taste, and they are sharpened to perfection rigth out of the box!

  5. Ugh, here comes the Cutco MLM cult.
    It’s more of a scam to recruit you and the knives are too expensive. Wusthof & Henkels are the best. Kasumi make a line with titanium, but I haven’t tried them yet. They are very stylish tho.

  6. Personally, I hate Wustof knives. They’re uncomfortable, and blunten fast.

    Shun knives are the way to go

  7. i think hes trying promote his crappy knives lol

    if your going to buy knives, get well known makes… Global, Wustof etc… not some advice of their own stock lol

  8. Global is an excellent knife. But anyone who owns Cutco will tell you that nothing out performs it. Some are just as good as far as cutting ability but they lose when they get to the guarantee.

  9. Anyone who wants a knife of better quality, with a better guarantee message me and I’d be happy to tell you about it.

  10. O! thats really crazy!
    I thought they were pro, how do they make a mistake like that…
    And I wonder why they do not have replacement service in my country?

  11. The rivet closest to the blade came off and it caused the blade to have a lot of “play.” I thought it was unsafe and sent it in to Wusthof. They didn’t send me back a Classic – sent me what turned out to be a low-end knife. Then Wusthof had the audacity to tell me I hadn’t sent in a Classic, and that they had a picture of what I had sent in. Which turned out to be false. I spoke to someone else that claimed she had been there 14 years and they’ve never taken any pictures.

  12. They are good knives, but beware if sending one back for repair/replacement. I sent in a top-of-the-line Classic to Wustof and they sent me some refurbished crap, not even the same kind I had.

  13. With the exception of:
    1. Contour Handle vs. Classic Panels
    5. Pommel added (Back of knife handle has steel, instead of just neing between grips)

    Classic Icon is just Le Cordon Bleu with higher retail price.

  14. 1. Contour Handle vs. Classic Panels
    2. Half-Bolster vs. Full Bolster.
    3. Blade Thickness is thinner (Less “wide”)
    4. Edge profile is polished.
    5. Pommel added (Back of knife handle has steel, instead of just neing between grips)
    6. Slightly different landing contour (Blade has a different curve to it)

    There are acually a few more differences, but those are the ones a chef would notice off the bat.

  15. The biggest and most important difference is the tapered bolster. Now you can properly sharpen the knife set where before you would have to actually grind the bolster down. The handle & heft have been altered by a small degree and this makes the Ikon line a bit heavier than the Classic line so that is where personal preference comes in. The tapered bolster is a HUGE and important change!!

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