Self Defense for you and your Dog Against a Knife Attack!


Don’t let your dog get stabbed if you are attacked by a Mugger waving a knife.

However heroic he might be in trying to defend you, a mugger has to only give one slash – and your dog is dead. His throat cut. Blood pouring over your feet. Not good, not good at all.

And the problem is, you must expect every mugger to be armed with a knife or a gun.

The gun is not the trouble – either he shoots you or he doesn’t. Simple.

The knife is a different, nasty proposition. You don’t know what he’s going to do. He may not necessarily intend to kill you, But a warning slash to your wrist will surely do just that. Split artery – Finish!

Your dog doesn’t matter – to the mugger. It can be a noisy barking distraction likely to attract witnesses. It is vital that it be silenced pretty damn quick. A quick stab, a slicing slash, that’s all it takes. And your lifelong friend is dead. Make no mistake about that. There, in front of you.

And do not expect onlookers to foolishly come to your defence. Why should they have their throats cut for your pains? It doesn’t make sense. If you are being mugged, that is your lookout. You should have taken more care, you should have been more alert, you should not be in that particular place at that particular moment.

In these troubled times you must EXPECT to sometime be facing a mugger armed with a razor sharp knife.

What you must do:

1 Be ever on the alert.

2 Try to have your dog “STAY” while you move several steps away for his safety.

3 Carry a [ legal ] weapon which is more effective than a knife.

4 Determine that you are actually being mugged.

5 Use your weapon and demolish him.

What [ legal ] weapon do I recommend? What [ legal ] weapon do I myself ALWAYS carry when walking my bull terrier? What [ legal ] weapon can effectively defeat a knife attack?

The Sjambok, of course!