Wusthof Culinar Review

The culinar line was described as an elegantly designed knife, although is it actually functional and effective in the kitchen place? The elegant satin finish handles were sculpted from 18/10 stainless steel distinguish Culinar cutlery from Wusthof’s other cutlery lines. Otherwise the Culinar knives are identical to other Wusthof knives, embodying all the virtues that have earned the German manufacturers world renown name. The principal parts of a Wusthof knife are the blade, bolster, and tang which is created from a high carbon stainless steel, and the blade is precisely tapered from bolster to tip and from back to hand honed edge. The blades are beautifully formed bolsters are not as thick as on some knives. As a result, despite their heft, strength, and durability the Wusthof lineup is pleasingly delicate and marvelously balanced while in use.

The eight kitchen knives in this set provide a cook with a variety of cutting edges, from an  8 inch cooks knife for rocking through chopping and mincing tasks, to an 8 inch carving knife for meats and poultry, an 8 inch knife for a myriad of slicing and cutting needs, a 5 inch serrated salami/tomato knife with a pronged tip, a 5 inch boning knife, a 3 1/2 inch paring knife and a few other very needed knives. The set also includes a 9 inch sharpening steel for keeping the knives sharp and aligned and a maple block to store everything on the counter within reach.

The Wusthof Culinar collection is truly a wonderful collection for those that need a  medium solution to the culinary experience. Not the top of the line offered, although this is hardly the bottom of the barrel. This is a good solution for those needing some knives in just about any type of setup.