Rambo 4 Knife Review


The recent release of the new series of Rambo Knives by Master Cutlery has been an incredible success.  Still it has been hard for customers to find out specific details on each of these special knives.  Whether you refer to them as Rambo Knives, Rambo Bowie Knives or Rambo Survival Knives everyone knows what you are talking about. 

It is hard for me to contain my excitement for the Rambo 4 Knife in this recent series of Rambo knives from Master Cutlery.  In the interest of full disclosure, I do sell these knives on the Internet.  To help put my fascination with these knives in perspective, I have access to over 100 brands of knives and this is the first series where I am seriously looking at collecting each knife in the series. 

The Rambo 4 knives have almost a cult following due to the success of the movie and the image that is portrayed for the Rambo Knife.  Even with all the demand for these Rambo Knives there still seems to be a lack of detailed information available on these knives available on the Internet.  Sure you can get the standard specs on the Rambo 4 knives but we have had several requests from customers for more specific information.

Here we will review the Rambo 4 Knife from the Master Cutlery series.

Rambo 4 Knife – This is a heavy bladed solid flat black knife that looks like a small machete and is hand forged from a single piece of 1040 high carbon steel by the same craftsmen that make samurai swords.  It weighs almost 3 pounds.

The Rambo 4 knife blade is 1 7/8th inches wide near the hand grip and 2 ¼ inches wide at the tip.  It is almost a ¼ inch thick at the front edge of the blade spine.  The cutting edge of the blade is 10 inches long and the overall blade is 12 inches.  Going into the handle area the blade spine is over ¼” wide.  The tip is a quasi Tanto type point that designed for easy penetration.    

The grip of the Rambo 4 knife is tightly wrapped with black leather.  This wrap gives a firm padded grip and the grip area is about 5 inches long by 1 ½ inches wide.  This grip design helps you retain a good grasp when working hard with the knife, whether you are sweating or it is pouring down rain.

The butt of the Rambo 4 knife has a hole drilled in it for a lanyard.  A black leather wrist strap comes attached.  This wrist strap will allow you to dangle the knife from your wrist while you are moving things, but still keep it handy.

This Rambo 4 knife comes with a dark brown leather sheath with a leg tie.  The sheath is stamped Rambo.  The belt loop is large enough to accommodate belts up to 3 1/4 inches wide.

Will you be able to pry with this knife?  I did not do a strength test on the Rambo 4 knife, but have you ever tried to break or bend a ¼” piece of steel that is 2” wide?  If you just tried to pry with the very tip you might break or bend it, but if you get a good solid bite with the knife I think you will be good to go.

Each knife comes with a certificate of authenticity.