Who has the best kitchen knife sets for under $100?


My mother wants a new knife block and knives for Christmas, and I have heard two opinions:
1. Don’t buy inexpensive knives. Spend top dollar for quality German knives that will last.
2. Don’t spend good money on overpriced German knives. Get a nice set of chinese made henckels or OXO or something.
Ha! So, I need advice. I could afford the cheapest German Henckels set that only has 7 knives, or a full set of 15 or so Cuisinart, OXO, henckels International, etc.
Which option is best, and then which maker is best? I have also heard of Wusthof, Chicago Cuttlery, etc.
I have no idea where to begin!


  1. Hard question I know, I have bought many knife sets over the years because I would become unhappy with them over a period of time. SO here’s the deal; buy your Mom the best knife set you can find for $100 – forget the 15 set knives you don’t need the steak knives, so go for kitchen knives only. Make sure to include; 10″ & 8″ chef’s knives, boner, carving knife, utility knife, bread knife, steel and paring knife at least. You can also try to include a Japanes Sanuku as well.

    Then next occaision, buy your Mom a high quality electric knife sharpener as most people do not send their knives out to get sharpened and the steel will eventually stop honing. The new sharpener will keep her happy with your gifts for a very long time. BTW, I prefer fewer Henckels to more Chicago Cutlery anyday.

    Sorry they edited out bon ing knife

  2. You’ll probably get a lot of answers to your question, but I can absolutely recommend the Ronco Showtime 6 Star+ Cutlery Set with Wooden Block. I bought one for my family ($40) over the summer since our knives were all dull or missing. After they arrived, my wife liked them so much that we got a set for my Mom for her birthday! We also go the “Ronco Rocker” knife and 4 extra steak knives. Including the wooden block and shipping, I think we paid $70. Totally worth it! My Mom loves the knives and neither one of us has had any problems with them for cutting, in the dishwasher, or their appearance.

  3. I have Chicago cutlery..and always have…they usually come with a block to set them in…which they come in various sizes…that one can use…Or you can also get just steak knifes that come in a block holder…I have had mine for three years and they are as sharp when I bought them…they are way under $100..and really are great knifes…

  4. I recommend two or three decent high-carbon knives like Chicago Cutlery or equivalent. NO serrated edges! Then get a good 3 stage sharpener like the Chef’s Choice. A cheap SHARP knife will outperform ANY serrated knife and also the most expensive DULL knife! Spend the bucks on a sharpener and any knife will do.


  5. Rada has some good knives that look good too and be sure to get the sharpener…it is so easy to use.

  6. Rachael Ray has a range of knife sets all for under $100. They’re pretty good and made by the Australian manufacturer, Furi. You can get them at Also you should consider getting a good knife sharpener set. Good Luck!

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