Knife Sets


The Ginsu Knife Sets are one of the stainless steel sets of cutlery which features an edge technology accurately possess hard surface and refined edge finished for a professional performance.

The Ginsu International Traditions 14-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

Everyone should know the value and importance of storing a wide variety of cutlery in the kitchen because it is very efficient and necessary to require the knowledge of using different kinds of knives to cut, dice and slice for easy kitchen assessment. A single recipe demand four or five different knives that’s why the company of Ginsu offers a new comprehensive cutlery sets to complete cooking habits.

Product Dimension:

• 420 Series Satin Finished Japanese Stainless Steel

• Identical Symmetric Edge Technology

• Hygienic Stainless Steel construction

• Serrated Edge Surface

The Ginsu International traditions 14-Piece Stainless Steel Block Set is 420 Series Stainless Steel sets of knife wherein every edge of the blade was forged and copied from the Japanese expert with full tang of idea to produce an increase balance and prolong permanence. It is a professional knife with a perfect style and performance in establishing a young family first household. The combination of the hygienic stainless steel construction delivers resistance from rust, stain and corrosion. It has the capacity to withstand from unexpected tarnishing that comes along while handling a cutlery job. The Symmetric Edge Technology integrates identical serrations on every edge and surface of the blade to perform accuracy of fine precision center cuts. Each side of the knife’s blade is designed as two-dimensional balanced serrated surface to match the left and right handed users as well. It also eliminates the needs of maintenance and sharpening. No hassle blades on the advanced satin finished of Ginsu’s knife sets. The handle of this knife is intended to be in curved stainless steel shape to provide an ergonomically friendly hold for chefs and to any other person who respond to an organize food cutting system. The Ginsu Cutlery is a high quality knife that retains the hardness and therefore keeps its sharp edge longer. It has a sharp fine edge to satisfy cutting of food very easy and comfortable. The knife Block is made of strong hard wood creation to protect knives and permit immediate access while cooking. The knife Block measurement is 8-1/2 by 6 by inches. The knives of Ginsu Cutlery are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning convenience of the product. After washing the knife, simply wipe with a dry cloth before keeping into the knife block to increase its life span.

The box of 14-Piece Stainless Block Set includes the following:

3-1/2-inch paring knife

4-1/2-inch utility knife

5-inch boning knife

8-inch slicer

8-inch chef’s knife

8-inch bread knife

Six 4-1/2-inch steak knives

Kitchen shears

Knife block

Ginsu covers the product with a limited life time warranty.

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The Ginsu Home Basic 20-Piece Block Set

This is a type of Ginsu’s home basic kitchen cutlery without breaking your accounts. This is an innovative type of cutlery which assures it dual serrated surface to allow more straight extra even cut. The Ginsu’ heritage has the combination of unique inverted edge that does not tear food like common needle teeth grinds. It has no maintenance, no need for sharpening advantage which Ginsu made for a more convenient cutting of dishes you are going to prepare. It has an accuracy performance of fine edge professional cutlery. The handle is made of polypropylene texture for a comfortable non-slip grip that is permanently placed to each blade for maximum strength. These Japanese Stainless Steel knife sets are corrosion resistant. The products are dishwasher safe and cover a lifetime warranty.

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