Cutco Super Shears Demo – Vector Marketing


Ever bent a cheap pair of kitchen shears or scissors?? With Cutco’s Super Shears you will never have to worry about it again…. just watch and be amazed… if you are interested in purchasing please e-mail me at, Watch my other videos for more information… … cutco shun wusthof henkles sharp knives cut penny cutlery olean new york super shears high quality kitchen knive demo demonstration USA United States


  1. wilsxf314 says:

    Even though Vector is a marketing pyramid scam, The Super Shears has excellent quality, I have it for over 10 years and over the time I have cut a few pennies in half and even to today these shears handles like new.

  2. scrapecity says:

    yes please elaborate

  3. cheja216 says:

    from what? how’d they do that?

  4. jeremydoc says:

    FUCK vector. ripped me off a hundred dollars off my first paycheck. i quit after my first week.

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