Wusthof Professional-Grade Home Knife Sharpener/Cooking.com


See Wusthof’s Classic Icon line and a demonstration of their professional-grade home electric knife sharpening system. Interview at the 2008 International Home & Housewares Show by Ann Volkwein for Cooking.com.


  1. crazzyfukker says:

    the reason they tell you to sharpen the knife everytime is so that youll have to buy a new knife from them again in a few months

  2. MisterBaz1 says:

    I agree with the other comments so far.
    That being said, this is actually a smaller version of the way they sharpen these knives from the factory.
    I am glad to see they are finally making knives where the bolster isn’t in the way of the edge.

  3. 1lupus says:

    Why bother buying a quality knife if you are going to vandalise it with this monstrosity of a sharpener?

  4. ILTK says:

    That thing will ruin your knifes. Made me cringe to hear that poor knife being ripped up like that.

  5. tastygarlic says:

    Awsome knife – Shitty sharpener.

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