Pink Appliances :)?


Okay, probably from reading my older questions about appliances you are like, “PINK!?! I JUST ANSWERES A QUESTION ABOUT TEAL ONES!!!” Well, I have came to the conclusion that I am going to use PINK appliances. Now I need some help. Are these trusted brands/products that work well:

Pink Bar Blender By Waring $69.95 (I thought that this one sounded a little to cheap, even though it is only 2-speeded)

Pink Stand Mixer (5-qt.) Artisan By KitchenAid $299.95


Pink Food Processor (12-c.) Cook for the Cure® By KitchenAid $199.95



Le Creuset

Also, are the Rachael Ray Dot over Dot, Groovy Mums, and all of those trays and bowls and stuff useful? I am planing to have people over after remodeling my house, so I need some kind of durable stuff. Oh, and do people actually use her Garbage Bowl? They look useful, but then I think, “Would I remeber to actually USE it?” Thanks!
Also, could you tell me some websites to get pink appliances besides The Food Network Store and Williams-Sonoma?
Also, are these trusted and durable?

Chrome Bar Blender (56-oz.) By KitchenAid $129.95

Supreme Super 600 Blender (60-oz.) By Cuisinart $99.95

Chrome Food Processor (12-c.) By KitchenAid $199.95


  1. MOXIE says:

    I saw some stuff at Khols. Oh yeah the garbage bowl, saw that. You wouldn’t probably use is for garbage but it would get used for something.

  2. Lynnae says:

    Too Cool! Another good search would be “Breast cancer appliances” – a lot of them have a donation for breast cancer, so that’s awesome.

    My best friend is recovering from breast cancer – still getting radiation treatments. She had been misdagnosed at first – doctor told her “Go home Honey, it’s a cyst.” and wouldn’t biopsy until 6 mos later. It had entered her lymph nodes by then. She’s a mom of 2 little girls!

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