Pink Appliances :)?


Okay, probably from reading my older questions about appliances you are like, “PINK!?! I JUST ANSWERES A QUESTION ABOUT TEAL ONES!!!” Well, I have came to the conclusion that I am going to use PINK appliances. Now I need some help. Are these trusted brands/products that work well:

Pink Bar Blender By Waring $69.95 (I thought that this one sounded a little to cheap, even though it is only 2-speeded)

Pink Stand Mixer (5-qt.) Artisan By KitchenAid $299.95


Pink Food Processor (12-c.) Cook for the CureĀ® By KitchenAid $199.95



Le Creuset

Also, are the Rachael Ray Dot over Dot, Groovy Mums, and all of those trays and bowls and stuff useful? I am planing to have people over after remodeling my house, so I need some kind of durable stuff. Oh, and do people actually use her Garbage Bowl? They look useful, but then I think, “Would I remeber to actually USE it?” Thanks!
Also, could you tell me some websites to get pink appliances besides The Food Network Store and Williams-Sonoma?
Also, are these trusted and durable?

Chrome Bar Blender (56-oz.) By KitchenAid $129.95

Supreme Super 600 Blender (60-oz.) By Cuisinart $99.95

Chrome Food Processor (12-c.) By KitchenAid $199.95


  1. I saw some stuff at Khols. Oh yeah the garbage bowl, saw that. You wouldn’t probably use is for garbage but it would get used for something.

  2. Too Cool! Another good search would be “Breast cancer appliances” – a lot of them have a donation for breast cancer, so that’s awesome.

    My best friend is recovering from breast cancer – still getting radiation treatments. She had been misdagnosed at first – doctor told her “Go home Honey, it’s a cyst.” and wouldn’t biopsy until 6 mos later. It had entered her lymph nodes by then. She’s a mom of 2 little girls!

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