Kitchen Knives?


What is the best/several brands of the best kitchen knives, in terms of sharpness and long life? What do professional chefs use? I’m thinking of spending the money and buying a really good chef’s knife, or a set of knives. I’m leaning towards Wusthof, anything better?
By the way, i work in the food service industry and use knives everyday at work, but I am now looking for knives for home, personal use. I have consulted the chef at work, but I am just asking on here to get more opinions, thanks.
Thanks for the answers so far, but I should add, I use knives everyday at work, have very good knife skills, I know that a knife should feel comfortable in your hand. I guess I’m asking what is the best brand in terms of longevity and sharpness. I know a good grade steel will last a very long time if properly and regularly sharpened.
Also, I am looking for a chef’s knife of at least 10 inches, maybe even a 12 inch. 8 inches is just too small.


  1. Go to a shop that specializes in knives and hold a few different kinds. There are various brands that are good but also different chefs have different preferences-which are based on brand, but mostly on comfort and quality. Not all good knives are going to set you back hundreds of dollars. I’m not making a sell job for buying cheap but also not expensive being best either. I do swear that you buy quality and take care of your knives, and use the right ones for each job and they will serve you well for a long time. If you’re starting out though, and not working in a commercial kitchen, there is no need to go and break the bank. Really hard to say what you should go spend money on if you’re not in a kitchen on a daily basis, like I said in a commercial kitchen.
    (by the way, you sharpen your knives regularly and properly, if you’re going to use your knives they need sharpening- ignore the ‘never needs sharpening gimmicks)
    Wusthof is just one option- like I said you have to have a few different ones in your hand and decide what’s not too heavy, what’s not too light, and make sure it balances well in your hand.
    Eventually you can add to your collection, with other funky little tools (instead of going and spending a thousand dollars right away on a full set). (Trust me, eventually you will become addicted and by more anyway 😉 )

  2. Titanium knife are the best out there… I went to Germany and got an ‘ F.Dick’ knife which is the best knife I ever had.
    I got my neighbor a Rachel Ray cutlery knife set for a couple hundred dollars…They are very good.
    Picking up a knife is like picking up bra. They have to fit in your hand, have a great balance and ideal weight.
    Make sure , you can handle the knife comfortable

  3. Here’s a mini review of chef’s knives:

    Keep in mind that some of these brands have several lines of knives, some of them are modestly priced and lower quality (though still perfectly decent).

    It could be worth paying a subscription to Cooks Illustrated and seeing what they have to say about knives. If you don’t know this organization, they test and compare all sorts of cooking products and recipes. They take zero advertising money.

  4. Wusthof are especially good knives, but I think Global are the best. Try this link which should help you find exactly what you are looking for:

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