I have a question about knife width?


I was thinking about buying a 7″ Wusthof Grand Prix II Santoku knife. The only reason I haven’t got it yet is because I do not know if it will fit into a 1.5 inch slot in my knife block. I am only concerned about the width of the knife, not the length.
Does anyone know if this knife would fit into that slot? Thanks.


  1. It looks too wide to me. You should email the store or go to a store in person to check

  2. Sorry but no. I’ve borrowed it for the review, so I have it at hand.
    Width at the heel(widest part of the blade close to handle) is 45.13mm and the slot is – 1.5″ or 38.1mm, so few millimeters wider.

    I’d skip that santoku, less versatile than chef’s knife and less specialized for veggies than Nakiri.
    Pretty much identical to Henckel’s 7″ santoku reviewed here –

    Same drawbacks. Although, if you really like it that’s all that matters.

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