How to Bind Documents With a Velobind Hot Knife Binding System


Velobind and Surebind hot knife binding systems provide the most secure, tamper proof bind available on the market. For this reason it is the binding style of choice used by lawyers, government offices and others who need to protect the security of their documents. However, if you have never bound a document using a hot knife binding system it can be a little bit tricky to figure out. This article is designed to provide a simple step by step guide to binding documents using a hot knife Velobind or Surebind system.

1. The first step in binding a document with a hot knife Velobind binding system is to prepare your document. After you have printed the pages for your document you need to assemble any index tabs, inserts and binding covers that you intend to use with your document. You will find that it is easiest to fully assemble your documents before you start the binding process so that the documents don’t get jumbled during the punching and binding process.

2. After you have assembled your document including covers, index tabs and inserts the next step is to punch your pages. If you have a Velobind or Surebind System One you will punch your documents manually by pulling the handle. If you have a system two or system three binding machine, the punch will be electric and will be operated by the push of a button or a foot pedal. As always, it is best to punch your documents in small sections along with index tabs and covers being careful not to try and punch too many sheets at one time. Punching smaller lifts will help ensure cleaner holes, less paper jams and will prolong the life of your punch.

3. After you have finished punching your documents, you are ready to start the binding process. Velobind and Surebind hot knife strips are composed of two parts (the comb and the receiving strip). The receiving strip is a long straight rectangular piece of plastic and has either 10 or 11 holes to correspond with the number of pins on the comb. The receiving strip also has an extra smaller hole to help you align the strip on your hot knife binding machine. Using this small hole you need to place the receiving strip onto your binding machine. Then you need to take the comb and push the pins through the holes in the punched document. You then need to push the remainder of the pins through the holes in the receiving strip and into the binding machine.

4. Now that your document along with the strip is placed correctly on the machine, the final step in the binding process is to have the machine complete the bind. To bind your document, you simply lower the pressure bar onto the strip and pull the handle or press the button to complete the bind. The machine will compress the strip and weld the strip into place cutting off the pins in the process. After the machine beeps to let you know the binding process is completed you can remove your document and bind another.

The finished books bound with Velobind or Surebind hot knife systems can’t be taken apart or edited without cutting the velo binding strip. Your documents will have a tight, professional and permanent bind that is sure to give your presentations a look that you can be proud of.