Chef’s knife hollow edge sharpening ?


After a long research, I have decided to buy a kitchen knife, wusthof chef’s hollow edge classic ikon # 4576/20.
I like the pockets of air on the edge which prevent thin slices from stiking to the blade, but I am wondering if after years of sharpening (consuming), the edge will interfare with the hollow part, and then, the knife is not usuable anymore?
It is an expensive, $ 150, item – if so, I must buy the conventional (not hollow edge) knife.
Thank you in advance for any advice.


  1. Wustof have very nice knives..I own a couple..the hollow edge wustof will outlive you and your grandkids if took care of properly..Sharpening will not harm it’s hollow edge function if sharpened with a proper sharpener or steel…If you try something like sharpening on a grinder of something of the sort motorized..yes you can ruin it in one swipe…The simple cheap knife sharpeners available for the kitchen how ever..will not harm these…Knives are a good investment if you cook alot like I do..I however do not soak my wusthofs in the kitchen sink nor let them soak for hours on end..I wash them immediately after using and store away properly…Mine have rosewood handles and this makes the wood swell in the long run from soaking them..just do not lay them in water soaking for even 30 minutes..and use a sharpener made for kitchen cultery..You will never have to buy another one..nor do I stack them in a drawer with other kitchenware piled on top of them …Take care of it..and it will take care of you

  2. Most Chefs knives, yours included, are s-class steel or higher. This is both an extremely efficient product, as well as a hard one. These knives will lose their fine edge after repeated use. Merely refine that edge when necessary. It will take you an aweful long time to work your way up to the hollow. By the time you do, MANY years from now, it will be time to purchase another anyway.

  3. I love my kitchen knives. If you’re buying good knives, invest in a sharpening steel and learn how to use it. That’s one of the best things you can do to keep your knives in good shape. Sharpen them often, rinse with hot water, and store in a wooden block to protect the blades. Good knives, like other good tools, can last a lifetime.

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