Bread Knife Question?


I have a Wusthof bread knife with a typically thick spine (about 1/8 in.) My parents have an antique bread knife from Germany that has a much thinner spine and seems to cut bread easier. I’ve looked around for months and can’t find a thin, flexible bread knife. I bake my own bread and the big, heavy bread knives seem more difficult to use.
More specifically – are there any chefs or bakers out there who can recommend a REALLY good bread knife?


  1. I searched a lot, found nothing on the size of the spine on a bread knife, they just specify the lenght of the blade.
    On the websites above, you can find some good general info. about knives.

  2. We use a Cutco knife with a serrated edge which works fine for us. Also, you can send it back to the factory for sharpening.

  3. Go to a restaurant supply store. They sell good, cheap, lightweight knifes. Just look up “Grocery Wholesale” in your yellow pages.

    Or look online. “Instawares restaurant supply” is a good website. is good too.

    Hope this helps

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