your new ceramic knife

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  1. aragorn123sg says:

    Bro… you’ve definately been in a production style kitchen before.

  2. imhungry493 says:

    i was being sarcastic…. i understand people can be left handed……

  3. Disgracefool says:

    I guess you have never heard of left handedness?

    still, very impressive. with either hand.

  4. imhungry493 says:

    you chop so fast! AND YOU DID IT WITH OUR LEFT HAND! 😉
    omfg i need you @ my bakery!

  5. chefgiovanni says:

    You are welcome to join the Chefs Posse!

    TV infomercials make me laugh, but there are plenty of dummies who believe them!


  6. UJS8X says:

    All the little infomercial chopping devices really can’t hold a candle to a good chef.

  7. FatCuteCats says:

    Oh my god.. those mushrooms stood no chance.

  8. rosslynrose1 says:

    shit man, my broadband couldn’t even keep up with the chopping movement – amazing

  9. yedoce says:

    chop chop chop chop chop!

  10. FlipSnipeZ says:

    This is so cool dude, i can almost cut that fast with a paring knife lol, SUBBEDD

  11. tattooedgeek79 says:

    I can chop that fast…

    I just havent been able to do it without cutting myself yet.

  12. t3hCandY says:

    my goodness, you chop fast.

  13. chefgiovanni says:

    You my friend have been Knighted for viewing excellence.

  14. TolstoyKafkaEvsky says:

    You are the chopmaster!

  15. MaxC17 says:

    lol i wanna cut like that…but noop…lalala take my time…

  16. SupremeCooking says:

    how did you get it? online or store?

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