1. One of the highest quality. Wüsthof does indeed make amazing knives, which I would love to own, but can be surpassed by other brands like Global, Kyocera, and Shun. Wüsthof knives are amazing though, no doubt.

  2. yeah same here, i have a hamilton beach knife which is pretty good but the knife doesnt go all the way through the handle so i guess its not that good quality but dayumm

  3. Oh I do still love the knives. they’re the only knives I use now. I’m saving up for some steak knives now for my family. I want to replace every knife in the house. The others just seem worthless by comparison!

  4. Hey

    Im going to catering college soon and hoping to buy some Wusthof IKONs in black.

    i just wondered that to this day you still love them knives?
    I mean they do look extremely spectacular!!!

    Thank you


  5. Oh I know! I’ve been using them now for a couple of months since they arrived…and they are just amazing! Not only do they cut everything with precision and speed, but they even cut my fingers…and everyone elses! Every woman in my family has had their fingers cut with these bad boys…my mom, myself and my daughter included. They are amazing though, and I’m neglecting all the other knives in my kitchen! Now, I just need some Wusthof steak knives and I’ll never buy another knife again!

  6. Wow. Do you realize that you have won probably the highest quality of knives made? What a prize!

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