Which b0ner is best?


I’m looking at several boners, a 6″ Wusthof-trident, and a 7″ Henkels. Does the size of the bird determine the length of the b0ner?
Here are some of the other b0ners I’m considering:



Ingrid G, why don’t you do a little research yourself before you jump to reporting someone. You don’t even know what you’re reporting on.
Gotchya Ingrid. You know, it’s hard to know who’s serious and who’s not with all the ednamania going around. No harm no foul, and yes, you’re right.


  1. Dude, REPORTED!!!!!!!!!

    LOL – I didn’t report anything – it was an Edna leftover!
    You know you posted the question that way to raise eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol.

    the best one is the one you will use. ideally the size of the bird would determine which you would use, but use the one you feel most comfortable with. personally, i prefer the wusthof or anything by shun.

    no sliced fingers, they don’t go well with anything you are serving.

  3. its all in the grip go to a store and hold them, henkels have a heavy german steal grip a little less erognomic, and wusthof i think is a better knife all around but is more expensive much much more, but you will be happier. A boneing knife is much like an extention of the index finger it cuts its way around the tissue and between the bones of the bird to loosen the pieces

  4. Yes, it depends on what you are going to bone.
    A chicken= a little boner
    A pig= a large boner
    A cow=as big as you can get your hands around (you will need all the help you can get)

    PS Don’t forget the “Protection”

    **GLOVES** duh!! You don’t want to get boneing juice on your hands do you?

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