Tunnel Vision vs Yogg-Saron 0 Keepers

0 Keepers (10-man). This was a server first kill and took us five attempts that night to down after a couple of nights of very very close attempts (1-5% wipes). PoV of Ekstrem (Fury warrior). Raid members: Vencedor – Prot Paladin Suzumi – Resto Druid Fallecia – Disc Priest Astaldo – Warlock Zeedeveel – Enhancement Shaman Dominus – Hunter Kirrana – Retribution Paladin Wusthof – Rogue Bendriana – Mage Ekstrem – Fury Warrior Low quality for youtube but you can see the fight clear enough …


  1. It’s no problem at all to dps that last phase without losing any sanity, which I demonstrated in that last 10%. I ate a ton of gaze while hero and DW were popped at the start of the phase for more initial dps on Yogg.

    Sanity level doesn’t matter unless you actually go insane 🙂

  2. This may be the best video I ever seen I wish I was geared enough for this but Im happy with The Xt-002 haha

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