Steak Knives, which ones would you buy?


I need to purchase some new steak knives. Unfortunately I am living in a location that I am forced to purchase online, so I can’t actually go into a store and ‘see’ or ‘hold’ them and I have seen so many pictures online that my head is swimming! I’ve read some reviews, but I still can’t decide. Serrated v. non-serrated, wusthof, henkel, etc. I’d love your personal opinions on what you like and why. I need something that will hold up to a lot of use, but not abuse. (I won’t use my steak knives as screwdrivers (lol). Thanks!

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  1. Go with Cutco. That’s what we have, and, well, they’re sharp
    they aren’t serrated, but they’re priced good, and you can get sets and stuff, like strainers, those long two pronged fork things, etc…. just don’t cut yourself like i did. i thought “oh, another crudy knife” and picked it up to feel how sharp it was. i got my blood all over it, and cut myself again when i was drying it. once you learn to love and respec the knife…:) good luck, and be safe.

    ps: no, i’m not stalking, you, i swear! 😉

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