Rambo 1st Blood Part II Knife Review


The recent release of the new series of Rambo Knives by Master Cutlery has been an incredible success.  Still it has been hard for customers to find out specific details on each of these special knives.  Whether you refer to them as Rambo Knives, Rambo Bowie Knives or Rambo Survival Knives everyone knows what you are talking about. 


It is hard for me to contain my excitement for this recent series of Rambo knives from Master Cutlery.  In the interest of full disclosure, I do sell these knives on the Internet.  To help put my fascination with these knives in perspective, I have access to over 100 brands of knives and this is the first series where I am seriously looking at collecting each knife in the series. 


These Rambo knives have almost a cult following due to the success of the movies and the image that is portrayed for the Rambo Knife.  Even with all the demand for these Rambo Knives there still seems to be a lack of detailed information available on these knives available on the Internet.  Sure you can get the standard specs on the various Rambo knives but we have had several requests from customers for more specific information.


Here we will review the Rambo 1st Blood Part II Knife from the Master Cutlery series.


Rambo 1st Blood Part II Knife – Numbered, Signature series: This is a heavy bladed knife.  The blade is 1 7/8th inches wide, a ¼ inch thick and 10 inches long.  The blade spine features a double row of saw teeth; each row is about 3/32nds of an inch wide.  The tips of these teeth look similar to and feel like the teeth on a chain saw.  The saw teeth go to a single row on the clip point portion of the blade.  There are only 5000 of these knives being produced and each blade is stamped Rambo First Blood Part II, has the John Rambo signature and is numbered.


The guard on the Rambo 1st Blood Part II bowie knife has a Phillips screwdriver tip on one side and a standard screw driver tip on the other, along with two holes for lashing.  The black cord wrapped handle is very comfortable in your hand and will absorb moisture off you hand to help you keep a better grip when you are sweating or it is raining.  The handle is hollow and has a removable threaded butt cap that seals tight with a rubber grommet.  In the handle there is a small re-sealable plastic vial which contains matches, a fishing rig and razor blade.


The removable aluminum butt cap has a hole to hook a lanyard to.  The exposed end of the butt cap is designed with a blunted tip that can be used as an impact weapon, to break glass or pound with.  Inside the non-magnetic butt cap is a working compass.


This Rambo 1st Blood Part II Survival Knife comes with a black leather sheath with a leg tie.  The sheath is stamped Rambo 1st Blood Part II and with the John Rambo signature.  The belt loop is large enough to accommodate belts up to 3 1/4 inches wide.


Each knife comes with a certificate of authenticity.