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  1. MetalGrannie says:

    Beware when you buy Wusthof knives. I sent in a Classic for repair/replacement and Wusthof sent me something else, which turned out to be their low-end. Then claimed that I had not sent in a Classic. Yeah, like I didn’t know what knife I owned. Take a picture of your good knife if you are sending to Wustohf for repair/replacement, so you’ll have proof of what you sent, and won’t get bamboozled.

  2. chefgiovanni says:

    Fissler is better !
    Chec out the Chefs site:
    ChefDepot . com
    Chef G

  3. sohndi says:

    who can tell me difference between All-Clad and german cookware Fissler, WMF are ?

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