Le Cordon Bleu Knives by Wusthof

If you are looking for a higher caliber from Wusthof than the Emerilware knives then its time to take a look at the Le Cordon Bleu collection. These knives are notable for the clearly displayed red trident logo displayed seemlessly triple riveted handle. Designed with function at the forefront, these are extremely lightweight and perfectly balanced, and built with comfort in mind. Anyone who has spent a long while on a repetitive chopping task can truly appreciate the reduced fatigue offered via this design. Their price isn’t through the roof, and the quality is top notch. These are some of the sharpest blades available via Wusthof.

Pricing is typically $50 a knife if bough seperately, the Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu isn’t cheap. It is affordable to those that truly need such a fine selection of knives and those that truly have a love for culinary. Full sets of 14 can be acquired for $400.  These knives are all full tang, which indicates that the metal that holds the blade in place is as long as the handle. Thanks to this design these knives are extra durable. For other knives in this price range you can try the Wusthof Gourmet set or the Grand Prix collections.

The term that competition only makes you stronger was born out of these knives. The line was designed in response to the growing popularity of Japanese knives in the US market so they adopted many of the design features of Japenese knives such as bolsterless design, thinner blades and a steep sharp edge.

This selection is perfect for those that are looking at a step above the Emerilware and is what I like to consider the true introduction model of Wusthof. Brought with the true sense and ideals of Wusthof and created with the finest materials and care.