Is the Knife the Greatest Tool Ever Invented?


July 16th, 2008

What is the greatest tool ever invented by man? Is it the wheel? Or perhaps screwdriver? Some people think its money. But time and time again I come down to just one tool that I believe is greater than all these. And if you’re guess was the knife-you’re right!

According to Wikipedia, the knife has its origins dating back as far as 2.5 million years ago, and has been found in every culture.

I will tell you why the knife is the greatest tool ever invented by man. Besides the knife having countless uses there is none more important than for survival.

Think about how many times you’ve tried to use your fingers to “pry” open that stubborn box, package, or plastic from Walmart with great frustration and misery. Or that time you we’re looking for something to wedge that “thing” open (whatever that thing may be).

Of all the people that have been stuck in the woods, or even on the side of the road somewhere, a knife has probably been pulled out more times than even a tire-iron.

The knife is also the ultimate survival tool. You can use it to craft more weapons, or for hunting. It is used as an eating utensil, box opener, letter opener, and can be your best friend in times of danger.

Knife makers go through painstaking work and skill to bring you the best in quality and precision. Some make the knives with high-carbon steel, and coat them with titanium nitride or other scratch resistant chemicals.

Just as there is a Martini suited to your taste, there is a knife suited to your taste. I’ve seen pink and purple-coated pocket knives designed for women with a beautiful ergonomic grip and sleek appeal. On the other hand, there are also knives that are camouflaged, with serrated edges for the “outdoors” type a guy.

My recommendation for picking out a knife are:

1. Make sure the knife is alluring to your eye. It must “jump” out at you when you see it.

2. If you intend on keeping this knife til the day you die, then put some money into it. In other words, a descent knife can go for $30 or more. Be careful if someone is trying to charge you more than what seems reasonable. I’ve seen knives as much as $500 or $600 (seriously) and it is simply not necessary for practical purposes. The one I carry was around $50 and has a life-time warranty.

3. Forget the Name Brand. Unless you’re trying to make a fashion statement, you do not need to worry about the brand.

4. Think about what you are using it for. If it has multiple blades, saw, and tooth pick you might as well get a Multi-tool instead of a pocket-knife.

5. To see pictures of some good looking knives visit:

A man without a knife is like a flat beer–no taste and no class. No man should be without a pocket knife as his “silent partner.”

For five years I’ve carried my Smith & Wesson folding knife in my right pocket. I’ve known others who’ve had theirs for well over 20 years.

An old boss of mine tried to confiscate my knife and I proudly told him that its for utility purposes only. He became adament about taking it, so I told him that if he took it from me, he would have my resignation statement on his desk in the morning. He commented no further and went on with the next topic of business.

Hail to the knife! Without a doubt, the greatest tool on earth has served man well and deserves great respect and admiration from all.