Forged vs Stamped Knives

So what exactly is the difference between a Stamped of Forged knife? The difference is in the making process.

Forged Knives are hand made through a process of extreme heat and hand moulding. Each forged knife is carefully and hand crafted with extreme detail. The tang’s of the knife merges into the handle and is typically secured by three rivets.

Stamped knives are made from templated cutters that are cut into the shape of the knives into flat metal. Stamped knives are lighter but donn’t have the same quality and balance of forged knives. Due to the lack fo density, the stamped knives don’t hold edges as well as the forged knives. Stamped knives are usually less expensive.

Benefits of Forged and Stamped Knives

Due to forged knives undergo a treatment process to enhance flexibility, density, and hardness of the knife. Forged knives will tend to be heavier than stamped knives. Besides that, forged knives are better due to the fact that they offer better flexibility, sharpness, feel and overall useness life. Most of the top notch kitchen knives are forged knives that come with the more expensive price tag.

Stamped knives are generally less expensive, but tend to lack the strength and balance found in forged knives. Take this as a general rule though, there are some reasonably priced, yet high quality stamped knives on the market today that have excellent cutting ability and a light weight maneuverabiliyt favored by many chefs.