Emeril Lagasse live on HSN – Sunday, September 16

Shop Now – www.hsn.com HSN really cooks – now with the help of chef Emeril Lagasse who makes a return visit to HSN live on Sunday, September 16. Or catch him here on YouTube starting Monday for encore performances. Fasten your seat belts, because Emeril will show you how to kick your cooking and entertaining up a notch with his line of great Emerilware cookware and appliances and Wusthof cutlery. … HSN home shopping Emeril Lagasse cooking food meals kitchen emerel lagase …


  1. holy cow hearts and thoughts they fade… fade away.
    but they dont fade like my pictures

  2. the Wusthof Emeril knives are shite. Wusthof knives are amazing, but this range are awful cheap stamped blades.

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