Emeril by Wusthof 9-pc Cutlery Set

For More Info or to Buy Now: www.hsn.com Enjoy the marriage of proven craftsmanship and professionally inspired design with this Emeril by Wusthof 9-pc Cutlery Set. With high carbon steel blades, exquisite balance and absolute… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current selling price. HSN Item #326549


  1. CoolVIguy says:

    SOLD OUT!!! damnit, HSN had this fer 64.95 on the home page.. That woulda been a tremendous score

  2. zinger727272 says:

    since when can u buy a great set of cutlery at 89$

  3. kragier says:

    Maybeeee….. >.> I always watch HSN, and I watched QVC on vacation because there was no HSN. I found out we did have HSN on the last day. I never purchased anything, and I think I wouldn’t unless it was a good name a know. Emeril does seem knice ;D.

  4. HSN says:

    Would you want to tell a man holding a knife that he pronounced something wrong 🙂 We love Emeril and enjoy his colorful language.
    HSN Shopping Diva

  5. kragier says:

    Lady: “Usually this would cost $176 …”
    Emeril: ” What!?”

    THEY ARE HIS KNIVES, he should know the price! He also calls the knife “santuko” when they are spelled “santoku”. I don’t believe in HSN.

    When she wen’t to sharpen it, he said, “No.” and took it from her. He had trouble cutting that paper.

  6. Sparky12311 says:

    Thank you for your warning 😀


  7. MetalGrannie says:

    Beware when you buy Wusthof knives. I sent in a Classic for repair/replacement and Wusthof sent me something else, which turned out to be their low-end knife. Then claimed that I had not sent in a Classic. Yeah, like I didn’t know what knife I owned. Take a picture of your good knife if you are sending to Wustohf for repair/replacement, so you’ll have some proof and won’t get bamboozled.

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