Cake Knife And Server Set – Important Wedding Accessories


Often, in all the planning that goes into weddings, the cake, guests and wedding favors, brides forget the important cake knife. Though it is a very tiny part of the reception, it should still look elegant and stylish. After all, as you are cutting the cake, many pictures of you will be taken. You cake knife should match the kind of wedding you have. For themed weddings, the cake knife will be different and for a fancy gala wedding, the knife will be different. Cake knives come in a number of designs and styles and there is a range you will have to choose from.

Usually, the cake knife comes included in the wedding server set. You can either go for a knife and server that has crystals, beads and silver in an ornament, which looks like a bow on the handle, or you could choose one with a plain pearl handle. There is also a choice of a knife and server displaying a cross on it with an acrylic handle that makes it look like crystal. There exist uncountable designs you can choose from while planning your list of bridal accessories. Browsing the internet can give you some excellent ideas too.

As husband and wife, when the bride and groom cut their first piece of their cake, it will be the cake knife they will use and so it should be stylish and elegant as this is the main point of the reception. Tones of photographs will be taken at this point and your cake and your knife will be on record for the rest of your life. It is these pictures that people forget when selecting an appropriate knife and server set.

Often brides overlook bridal accessories till the last moment and the cake knife and server set are no exceptions. Your bridal shop or local retailer may have some great deals on different cake cutting sets. If you don’t mind waiting for a shipping, you can also select from a range of beautifully designed sets available online at affordable prices. There are some brides who like the concept of old and beautiful and so they use cake knives and servers that have been passed down their family. This is not such a bad idea as the family tradition is kept alive and after all a server is to serve cake.

The cake server must be used to serve wedding cake to the guests. People often think the knife alone is sufficient, but etiquette requires that the cake should be served with the help of a cake server. The server is also used for the small piece of cake that is given during the traditional feeding of the cake to each other. Many pictures are taken then and the pictures can be either serious or funny depending on the type of wedding and the couple. Once you are done selecting the kind of cake for your wedding, be sure to look into what type of cake server set you will be using so that everything is ready for the big day.