Best utlity knife?


What is the best brand for a utlity knife? I don’t want anything ultra cheap but I do not want to spend more than say $50 or so either. (After all it is only a utlity knife.)

Normally I buy Wusthof or Shun but those are just too costly for a utlity knife. (Although both excellent for other purposes. Not to mention well worth the cost.)


  1. We have a Henckels Professional S Utility Knife. They have other knives other than the Professional S, that’s just the “set” we have. I founds them online on sale – the 5 inch is about $40, the 6 inch is the one that is $60. I love the Henckels.

    Here is the link to the sale site I found:

  2. I went to a kitchen shop and bought an 8″ santoku a few years ago. It was a no name brand, and it’s my favorite knife ever to this day. I can’t remember how much it was but I do know it was definitely under $100.

  3. I gotta say Wusthof but it is your money plus they can get heavy after a while. Try getting a hold of a Sysco food rep or a local chef that uses Sysco foods. They have some good and inexpensive knives. Try going to different kitchen supply stores and try several different knives. The best knife is one that fits your hand well and is SHARP.

  4. Go with Forschner you can pick up a 12″ French Chefs knife at a restaurant supply store for about $25 to $35 depending on where you buy it and if it’s on sale or not. They are used through out the food service industry and I ve seen some abused like you can’t believe and they still hold up to the beating. I don’t think you’ll hit yours with a hammer but I’ve seen cooks do just that and it didnt break. May have needed sharpening but didnt break or bend.

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