1. dirtyface091 says:

    what a shit vid you sad cunt not funny at all you should buy a knife and stab yourself

  2. wingeddemon5807 says:

    You’re a retard

  3. plentypeas says:

    lol “i just got divorced so,” =D

  4. UGAfan27 says:

    and im pretty sure the guy could hear you laughing lol.

  5. UGAfan27 says:

    ha dude you sound gay.

  6. girliciousgirly says:

    when he says flesh and bone and muscle the guy might think it is an animal

  7. girliciousgirly says:

    bahahahahaha ockward

  8. TheHumanWorld says:

    Thats so wrong. haha. I think the guy knew u were pranking him.

  9. biggerisbetter199613 says:

    that was so funny!!!!

  10. gustranger says:

    sorry man, but I think the guy rebound the prank to u, that was ridiculous

  11. dalterwalter101 says:

    can it cut through flesh and bone

  12. MegaCbx says:

    w00t im 100th viewer

  13. Warlocksgoboom says:

    that was gay..

  14. koonchan222 says:

    lol That was great!

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