2008 Slam Dunk Competition

on this video or send me a message or comment to my official youtube myspace page at myspace.com/hustlerjerbearproductions. EDIT: My music got disabled so I had to change the song to one of the youtube ones. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Special Guest – Jared Pleskach Votes: Jerry “Hustler Jerbear” Fan – 2 Jacob “Jakobe” Wusthof – 1 Michael “Respekinize” Rogers – 0 Greg Wolfe – 9 … Hustler Jerbear Productions 2008 Slam Dunk Competition Jacob Wusthof Michael Rogers Greg …


  1. and next time were having a redo with a real recorder so people can actually see. that michael rogers has grey shorts on. and he did under the legs

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